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宝贝乖一点把腿岔开|思兰朵焕颜祛斑霜But the thought of never seeing that bloodstained robe on the battlefield again, But always stood up, the shoulders of a daughter's home, to pick up the western regions this should be a man's burden, the once independent city head, contempt for the city of children, but with a slim body, to face thousands of women alone, zhaoyun heart a burst of pain, but his steps are firm as before.Of the Huns, Kifugoyang rose comfortably from the naked bodies of the three women, Walk some drift, but the mood is good, looked at the outside of the tent, begging Fu Geyang came to the outside of the tent called two times, no reply, not from great anger, rushed into a camp, a foot will still be happy good subordinates kicked up: "All dressed for me, ready to go back to camp, you still want to spend the night here?"Ice-cold arrow cluster shot through the watchtower has drowsy soldiers throat, lyu3 bu4 chosen, it is patrol soldiers spaced the largest period of time, a line of people close and did not cause alarm, upright when with people, quickly moved according to the stake, turned YuanMen, quietly YuanMen open.

Frowned, lyu3 bu4 asked: "how much hay in the city, zhang he and gao gan hay is from where to distribute?"D smell speech, immediately lack of interest, aside from the pound asked with a smile: "strategist how to prepare to deploy? If necessary, will be willing to serve at the end of the?""Now have a good rest, tonight we set out, as long as into the big green mountain, even if the han people found out, I am sure to lose them." Lyu3 bu4 laughed, the garrison in the mountains, as early as in the step of root death news, lyu3 bu4 has secretly sent someone to inform giffin will be around the military forces away some, if not to avoid suspicion, even if he now with people across, also won't meet half a garrison.宝贝乖一点把腿岔开|"This..." A group of xianbei generals really didn't think of this thing, at this time by lyu3 bu4 mentioned, the talent faintly found some troops.

宝贝乖一点把腿岔开|"Qin Ming-yue Han-shi guan, ten thousand li long march people have not returned, but make the dragon fly in, don't teach hu ma du yinshan!" Strong and powerful voice, echoed in the dead valley, with an unspeakable heroic, only listen to behind a group of hussars and embroidery, liao hua couldn't help but give birth to a feeling of blood boiling, looking at the wall, the dragon flying phoenix dance, with a murderous spirit of the big word, couldn't help but clap hands: "good, but make the dragon city fly in the mountain, don't teach hu ma du!""I'm going to take refuge in xianbei king's court, The cattle and sheep, the riches, These warriors were left behind, I'm not moving, Divide it equally, If you want to go, take your possessions, your sheep and your cows, I won't embarrass you, After all, most of you were stolen by us, Willing to stay and live here, I will ask xianbei king court to give you a safer place as a tribe, as long as I still in the grassland for a day, will always protect you, you can find a man, with your wealth to marry, can also continue to graze here, life, no one will, no one dare to move you, this is my commitment to everyone. ""Each leader, stationed outside the city, not will make, can't step into the city!" Lyu3 bu4 turned and dismounted, to pound and other humanitarian: "a title of generals in ancient times camp with me into the city!"

"I don't think I need to say much about the tribe. Everybody has seen it." Take a deep breath, lyu3 bu4 in the huns loudly said: "yesterday, the begging fu tribe has been uprooted by us, but our tribe, also finished.""Of course I know that, otherwise, with the ability of old male, now how should also mix a big future when. Lyu3 bu4 nodded, some helpless way, the goods was he spent a great deal of cost to cultivate, with intelligence closely related to the spirit only a little longer, let lyu3 bu4 also helpless.I'm afraid in this woman's plan, he is not to woo, but to get rid of the people, but did not expect to give themselves on the contrary.宝贝乖一点把腿岔开|




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