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田中瞳作品|美国签证加急预约Ule smell speech, face a change, is tolerant way: "adult rest assured, this matter, I must endow khan."Not to beg fu goyang too much frightened angry time, after the array of riots quickly spread to the whole army, these after a day of "fighting", already tired, and had to march overnight beg fu fighters in lyu3 bu4 raid, finally not easy to stop riding array has not had time to regroup, in lyu3 bu4 raid again fell into chaos.Unfortunately, xu ping or touch, don't say trial match and xu togeher discord, even if two people have a friendship, this kind of thing, to trial match character can never appease, after the wrong, directly let people catch xu ping.

"That's me." Pang tong shook his head and said, "lyu3 bu4 does not melt in the world, I am the son of the gate, loyal to him, is equivalent to abandoning the family.""The beggar tribe, no more!" Step root shook his head with a wry smile: "that temuzhen, really is a madman, with five hundred people not only broke the nest of the begging fu tribe, but also ambushed halfway, begging fu goyang ten thousand military forces were scattered, begging fu goyang missing, surviving begging fu tribe people scattered all sides, quickly devoured by other tribes, begging fu tribe henceforth, I'm afraid."Cao Caowen nodded, ordered people to do more attention, now, he also didn't have too much energy to spend too much energy for a liu bei, even if it is hidden trouble, that is also in the future, now the biggest trouble, or lombardi.田中瞳作品|For three days, d life is hard, in order to think of a way to break open the mayi gate, can think of a way he used, unfortunately, zhang he will keep the city, plus falling in to grant from the side, make d can't more thunder pool half a step.

田中瞳作品|"Hsiung!" Lyu3 bu4 also can't chase after zhang he, turn over and dismount, a drag XiongKuoHai burly body."You two led a title of generals in ancient times camp, with master's horses, weapons and eagles, to wait near the king's court, with mosan, the eagle will find master, then, the main council with eagles to contact you, and so on, then at master's disposal."Zhang he smell speech, no longer war, just constantly strengthen the alert, at the same time sent a person to inform the four cities, stick to, only after d flaws, then wipe it out at one fell swoop.

With the rugged voice of the vast sea, Two shots kept slapping on d's back, a title of generals in ancient times as lyu3 bu4 QinWei, not only strong, and who's account will not buy, at the moment, really no mercy, rao is d's constitution, less than ten sticks, has been hit on the back see red, twenty sticks down, hard to d almost fainted."King Xie!" Lyu3 bu4 face showed a touch of excitement, bow down after a worship, followed by the head sent to pick soldiers."Lyu3 bu4, you die today, what else can you say?"田中瞳作品|




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