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www liba com|冰疗祛斑"Master, can it ever be confirmed?" At asked cautiously."Korea hence born prudent, and the war is important, there is no room for any mistakes, let the children and lang alert a little later." Burn when the old king shook his head and commanded his men.Almost at the same time, lyu3 bu4 raised the hand of the day painting ji, sharp drink 1: "kill!"

"Rumble ~"Korea hence after retreating to wuwei, has been standing still, lyu3 bu4 is not too worried about this, more than ten thousand military forces, people eat horse chew, such consumption is not a county can afford.Looking at cao cao, xun yu hesitated for a moment, then handed it over to cao cao, saying, "master, although this matter has been decided, but still need master to go to the palace, tell your majesty about it."www liba com|"Then I 'll give you a ride!" Wei Yanleng hum 1, although cao peng offensive more fierce, but wei yan has found that the rhythm of the other party has been disrupted, the moment again rise up, and cao peng war together.

www liba com|"Have to find a way to support general gao." Chen xing inspected the city wall, across the distance looking at the candidate camp, he can probably figure out what the candidate play abacus, it is for this reason, just gave birth to the idea of supporting seibel."Go!" In the rain, d suddenly will be all over the strength through the gun, rushed into the horse to play that dead can't die, the whole body was d live a gun shattered, into two pieces fell to the ground, deeply spit out a mouthful of turbid gas, d looked back, eyes fell on the kneeling trembling fall around pawn, eyes flashed a seepage of death."Your excellency, will be willing to lead the troops at the end of the war, will be the lyu3 bu4 beheaded under the horse!" Hanoi guard general Yang Ding stood up and shouted: "At the end of the two days in the city head wait-and-see, found lyu3 bu4 under the actually not many people, if you can put the city's families together, enough to put together two or three thousand people, lyu3 bu4 will be destroyed!"

Longyou outline gradually clear up in the line of sight, let the depressed mood soothe a lot, after all, here is their home."My name is lyu3 bu4!" Look at the soldiers, lyu3 bu4 slowly opened his mouth, the five thousand cavalry is not elite, or even can be said to be a miscellaneous army, but after this war, they will be made alien fearful, shocked the elite of the world: "big fellow to general west, WenHou!""Han sui, not a son of a man!" Lyu3 bu4 slammed the bamboo slips into the ground, one by one, lyu3 bu4 gave a hard gasp, looked at the surprised people, sink a track: "xu rong to quote, hetao direction appeared a large number of huns, all the way, such as locusts transit, poison the people, a large number of displaced people rushed to jincheng, west gansu."www liba com|




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