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郭伯权软禁|金维宝养生机In the city of Qua, Heqi saw Tardif come on his own and asked, "Ziyi, but the Lord sent reinforcements?""Yes!" At this time, Sun Quan could not hesitate again. "Tardif," he snapped, "Chou Tai listens to the orders!"...

Back to the opposite mountain forest pad jiang soldiers received the signal, quickly rushed out of the mountain forest, from behind the wei troops launched a charge.As Zhang Fei describe it, Even if Zhang Fei could find out whether he was alive or dead, for this simplified formation, The most is just to separate opponents, after all, although simple, but is a big array with a small array, small array with a smaller array, even if broken open the big array, small array or be able to operate freely, not every small soldier all know this, don't look at zhang fei reckless, but it is authentic haughty origin, there is that foundation, ordinary soldiers can't."To rescue General Wei?" Deng Xian hurriedly brought life.郭伯权软禁|But such voices, Under lyu3 bu4 is very little, with lyu3 bu4 prestige, for many people in the guanzhong, even only know lyu3 bu4 but don't know who is right now, lyu3 bu4 seal king, in the eyes of the people is not a big deal, even feel some late, with lyu3 bu4 now status and occupied territory, let alone the king, proclaimed himself emperor can be.

郭伯权软禁|Gently close tardif unhappy eyes, tracing the cause sighed, the other reinforcements have arrived, and then chase down, I'm afraid the loss is their own, life after convergence of tardif's corpse, looked at the direction of the YinLing, tracing the cause sink a track: "withdrawal.""Kill!"Tardif and zhou tai just surrounded the jingzhou foot soldiers in the east of the city, is about to surrender, but heard behind the shout ShaSheng big, hurriedly turned around to see, but see guan yu has come back with military forces, not frightened.

This is also to avoid three military forces after the convergence, But because of master-slave dispute, three people, blanc seniority is the oldest, pound is lyu3 bu4 under one of the five elite shooting sound camp master, supposedly have enough weight to bear this responsibility, but in lyu3 bu4, coach's position, obviously wei more appropriate, the other two people, will be OK, for handsome, or a few points."Already here?" When Lu Zheng got the news from Cheng Fang, he nodded and said, "It doesn't matter if General Cheng goes to see you. See what he says. Give me the charm and I'll mobilize the horses.""Kang Cheng-gong is old after all." Zhuge liang shook his head.郭伯权软禁|




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