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周晓鸥 吸毒|天年电解水机This period of time, seibel've been thinking about how to break the enemy, strengthen their water army war ability, the training is obviously not possible, not so long to prepare seibel, so seibel had to change the way of thinking, to find a way to circumvent their short board in war, before and at the front back river sailors said waiting for January, can cross the river, wake up seibel, the ice, so the whole river as the land, though it's not that big skill, but he has hundreds of ships, if, a joint of connection into a giant "land", problem solved soon?"Vuvuzela ~"

Pang tong sit, else, but in the heart can not help but to lu bu thumb, went up in this way, can be largely down these xianbei and resistance of the huns, and excellent were swept away by the pick, dissatisfaction with the rest even if what also can't afford to turn the wave, when lu bu people missing again, come here to pick a batch, anyway as long as there is grassland conference semifinals, it wouldn't lack of people in the northwest of slave camp.And, more importantly, as the harmony state gradually restore stability and prosperity under the governance of lyu3 bu4 increasingly, had fled to hanzhong, JingXiang and even the profit because of the war many people began to return, only a year's time, the guanzhong were added nearly reached land, under the planning of Chen's palace, these people have begun to return to his own clan, to settle down, as long as britons, liu table, milan don't stop, according to Chen gong forecasts, this is just a beginning, to know the population of guanzhong high morale, population of several millions, I'm afraid there will be more people to return to next year, and the silk road be cioffi to get through, The hu-shang who traveled to and from chang 'an and the western regions also brought along the refugees from many western regions. As long as chang 'an remained stable, guanzhong's prosperity could not be stopped.At least is also cao cao's general, when was people called children? Li's heart held a breath, but not out, turned to fight, that is to die.周晓鸥 吸毒|< / p > < p > zhang liao looked at han rong riding back to the front, the heart is also relieved, put the horse back to the front, although can force han rong, but want to cut him before the front is difficult, it seems to break yuan xi, also have to think of other ways, there is this old guard ji county, want to break the city is difficult.

周晓鸥 吸毒|"Father." Lv zheng slipped over a few steps and looked at lu bu."Well!"Lu bu and a group of people returned to the former yuan fu, the law is carrying an account book to find lu bu, sad smile said: "Lord, li fu these years to collect the masses of the people, the number of shocking, even if only half, but enough to support our army of 5,000 troops for a year, whether only part of the people still set aside?

"Oh?" Zhang liao looked at this man, but it was the former gongsun zan under changshi guo xin, later gongsun zan fell, exile in youzhou, zhang liao occupied dai county defanged to zhang liao, see this man, can not help laughing: "guo changshi had helped general white horse town defense ji county, ji county, but do not know what guo changshi plan?Yuan shang was unhappy, but he did not show it on his face. He knew he could not live without zhang he's support."General, this... "Liu qi stared at huang zhong, only to find that this veteran's momentum, a little less than the original two will be closed.周晓鸥 吸毒|




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