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泡泡影视popu|糖仁福贴The lady sees zhang lu complexion is ugly, dare not say again, zhang lu is perturbed, simply rise to go to a study."When are you going to send troops, general?" Orchid zhan languid is lazy voice after itself, some hard up, let slip the skin like silk was along the smooth silks and satins, lyu3 bu4 yesterday after consulting with all men, in order to determine your frost countries, specifically to the quartet to find LAN temple zhan asked one night, old lovers meet, wipe gun off accidentally, also is inevitable, well, that's it.According to the plan of zhuge liang, CAI MAO was of great significance. He could let liu bei put his tentacles into each county under the pretext of fighting CAI MAO. It only took another year or two.

"Who are you? Such skill, when not nobody!" Lyu3 bu4 waved a wave, beckoned the people around to retreat, coldly stare at the other party horizontal at the sword on lyu3 zheng's neck."Can't break! Holding on to the railing and looking at the snow, cao cao shook his head with a sigh and said, "lu bu of guanzhong is becoming more and more powerful. If we lose our trade with guanzhong, we will still lose."Wei shuhuan! Zheng xiaotong ran said, "if you disrespect our ancestors again, please get out of chang 'an academy. I have been very busy recently and have no time to chat with you."泡泡影视popu|CAI MAO eyes flashing crazy look, kill kill!

泡泡影视popu|If unfortunately is separate which existed all the way to send it to the hands, the world will not for a while, and the news has been spread in xuchang, I'm afraid it won't be long before, the governors are more or less will have some news, at that time, the mind of the governors, I'm afraid will be different, lyu3 bu4 suddenly found that the separate still don't appear good, separate out, cao cao can not find people, said any way governors even lyu3 bu4 can separate came to her side, was appointed to the king."Good, good ~ make up to make go slowly, need not anxious." The stranger bowed to the door."Minister and so on retire!" All wenwu stood up and bowed down to lv bu.

At first, pang tong complained in the past, but time is long, pang tong is understood that this is lu bu to make up for his lack of, pang tong good towers, it has to do with his character, because of the appearance, since the childhood autism, thought that the question is easy to go to extremes, the later, also gradually formed the style of way of doing things, but also as a result, a lot of problems is one-sided, art of exquisite with exact, with wins, if have, way of doing things is always drove a day, lyu3 bu4 let him processing state, is forced to he will consider comprehensively the again for everything.This problem, also recently pang tong inadvertently see figure lyu3 bu4 found STH over and over again when lu zheng, lyu3 bu4 education lu zheng's way is very strange, at least in this day and age, some of the upside down, told lu zheng won't force you what to do, but will use various methods to tell you that you are wrong, hit bow was such a rise, let lu zheng led his friends, and for his opponent, even stand in rival advise on how to help his opponent to win there, lu zheng was tidied up gradually figured out a few times.As he spoke, the horse drew near, and the lance fell upon the reddest of the men.泡泡影视popu|




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