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11月1日回收ic"Not now." Feng ji shook his head and said, "if I leave, the military morale of yecheng will surely be greatly scattered. If yuan shang is defeated, even if the childe has qingzhou, he will have to face lu bu and cao cao's attack at the same time. Can the childe be sure?""Be!" Li shuxiang a stem head stand up, solemnly to lv bu a fist, pick up their equipment, soon, 108 night owl camp will disappear in the camp.The hurried footsteps interrupted the short silence, but jiang lost came in hurriedly through the door and handed to lv bu, saying: "Lord, I just got the news that cao cao's army has crossed the Yellow River and stationed troops in liyang.

Actually also is easy to understand, cao cao in the central plains, holding court's sense of honor birthright, lombardi iv thereof, and of collecting, only lyu3 bu4, foundation is weak, the place also is sparsely populated place, zhang yan missed the best opportunity of the battle of guandu today was sandwiched in between three forces, didn't break the situation may be, but no matter to which side, the other two parties will receive, the best way, out to lu bu bing, let oneself less side pressure, and then selected in the rest of the both sides."Don't worry about han rong." Zhang liao shook his head and said: "you Ming not see, han rong brought reinforcements morale is full, plus han rong even cut our two, the morale of the original low youzhou army morale is high, now if the war, loss is not small, not as good as temporarily retreat, you do not smell one drum, and decline, three and exhaust; Now the morale of the enemy is rising, and the battle is just what the old man wants.Bone fracture with the voice of the lung to be exploded, freeze violent twitching limbs, eyes wide, it seems, is to break through the bondage of the eye socket, eventually go limp soft fall to the ground, the black hills around the army which seen such a fierce, have subconsciously back, watching the lv alms ShiRan would head hanging on the side, and then le carousel head, he thought that lu bu to kill them back, zhang yan in rear life people in good shape, ready to have killed a lyu3 bu4 stuck in here, but see lu bu will horsehead, this time, was killed in zhang yan.11月1日Lu bu turned his head and looked at the direction of the fall of the flag. At that moment, he clearly determined that cao cao could not avoid the arrow he shot in any way.

11月1日The next morning, lu bu summoned Chen gong, li ru and jia xu.Others do not know jiang xu this moment in the mind of all the thoughts, many people envy jiang xu one step to the sky, no one doubt, as long as jiang xu will be integrated state governance, the temporary generation before the integration of two words is only a matter of time.

"My Lord, there is a group of women who claim to be from the western regions. Jiang lost in a face came in, some strange way to lu bu.Scattered arrows from the city fell, but no threat to the whole body is wrapped in iron armor soldiers, iron shield, only listen to a dense jingle sound, no casualties, guo yuan can clearly feel, around the soldiers on the morale of the low once again fell a lot.An hour, as long as do not detour, is enough to let lu lingqi and his entourage out of CAI MAO's range of pursuit, as for further south, that is not liu bei now can manage.11月1日




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