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王传一颖儿|藏疆壮根丸"Men, even if it is death, also want to die on the way to charge, with me to kill!" Guan yu struggling to mention the dragon crescent moon knife, roared, the first to fight, behind, less than five hundred soldiers at the moment has burst out of amazing courage, with the arrow rain, toward jiangdong soldiers launched a counter-charge."Military strategist, big thing, how do you so..." A general found zhuge liang look wrong, hurriedly waved, motioned to the people to stop talking, turned his head to zhuge liang.Zhuge liang see grain road has wei yan protection, had to change the strategy, water from the pad river, want to use the water potential impact on the city, pang tong is based on the moat, water to downstream.

"General, how to do?" Outside the city of nanyang, pound camp, a new round of loss ratio sent up, although most of the dead are mercenaries in the western regions, but even with human life to add, such a long distance, and li yan or layer upon layer of defense tactics, put thirty thousand mercenaries in the western regions, all can't add to the city of nanyang."At the end of the day, see Less Master." Back to the barracks, Cheng Fang in the signal of lu zheng screen back around, before solemnly kneeling toward lu zheng."Here!" A group of soldiers exhaled, Xiao Keli gas, instant diffuse.王传一颖儿|Watching the other side begin to nibble away at its troops, Zhang fei bit teeth, stuffy hum 1, a spear will wei's broadsword swung open, then shake hands a spear straight to the door, let wei embarrassed dodge some, zhang fei took the opportunity to turn the horse's head, zhang eight snake spear echoed in the crowd, where, like a split wave, forced to fight a channel in the crowd.

王传一颖儿|For tracing the cause, guan yu nature know, before sun liu, also had a honeymoon period, in guan yu's view, tracing the cause has no experience with troops, a command so big a battle, that is not to find death is what, so also didn't mind, let Xing Daorong continue to revise the wall for war, sleep in the past.And shu war, with the beginning of the battle between dragon and phoenix, also gradually attracted the attention of the world, luoyang lyu3 bu4, xuchang cao cao, and is fighting in jingzhou liu bei sun quan, also coincidentally began to pay attention to this war, which is wonderful, even lyu3 bu4, cao cao these played a lifetime of war, also couldn't help but applaugment.

"Don't worry, the army into the city, you need two people to make, not one, if general lee didn't promise, how can I come here?" Xie Cheng said this in the heart actually have no bottom line, because ma to say drop li muddy, has not yet come to a conclusion, this matter is really uncertain, but now that the words have been exported, also can only stiffen the scalp to say it."General, afraid of what he does? He again fierce, can't the guanzhong military forces really can't, male broad sea, not afraid to tell you, I wait here tonight, is to capture lu zheng, if you know, give me immediately, when the emperor uncle in shu, say no, can also protect you a rich, otherwise...""Get back!" Xiongkuo sea side, let go of each other's pike, followed by a kick out, a kick in each other's chest, accompanied by a harsh bone crack sound, the warrior of the whole chest depression, the body is kicked out, will be followed by a few QinWei knocked down, fell back into the army, has no sound.王传一颖儿|




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