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犬神家一族|太空一号高瘦鞋Gao shun looked at the city cold, cold hum a way: "the enemy's internal morale has been shaken, it is the time to break the city, captured camp, attack!""Gentlemen, here we are." The gatekeeper led the group into a spacious wing and said, "please wait a moment and let me know."< / p > < p > at the same time, meng jin city, liu bei after taking over meng jin, fortunately ushered in a batch of grain from nanyang transported over, was liu bei card down, one is the lack of food in the army, two to have the grain, to control the front of the horses, but for the road ahead, liu bei suddenly some confusion.

"Well." Lu xun nodded silently."Dead!" Han rong jumped from the horse's back and ignored pound. The guns trembled and he stabbed two soldiers who were struggling to open the door and tried to kill them again. However, pound grabbed him from behind and hit his head on the back of han rong's head.This is lv bu's original words, at this moment, pang tong deeply realized the power contained in this sentence.犬神家一族|After hurriedly putting on clothes, liu bei saw guan yu standing outside the door with a heavy complexion.

犬神家一族|Seems to be the final winner of cao cao, also not the winner, is to help him get a water will lyu3 bu4 DongZhengJun demise, similarly, the whole get water basin, way ten counties, the waters a put, lyu3 bu4 withdrawal, afterward matter falls on his head, lyu3 bu4 can relax to hebei north to farmland, expand the territory, the pace of cao cao, however, is the flood in the JiNa, this battle, there are no winners, but really lose is hebei family.Guan hai looked around, as the wall was torn down, the Montenegrin army who had finally stayed beside him also chose to surrender. Now there were only 200 people beside him.

"Well." Wu long nodded, and then in the strong man surprised and uncertain eyes came forward patted his shoulder, holding a half-baked Chinese way: "you this person, why linger here?"...犬神家一族|




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