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stormcache|双奇胶囊"I can drop..." Wu Jin struggled.Guan yu chase less than, can only chagrin at tardif into the city, ordered the soldiers to put a truce, hung good flag again.

"Master, lyu3 bu4 king, I'm afraid the next is to crusade against the central plains." After into SiKongFu, xun yu frown at cao cao.Heart warning sign of the moment, guan yu has made a subconscious evasive action, but tardif arrows too fast and too suddenly, after all, can not completely avoid, was tardif an arrow shot in the left arm, guan yu stuffy hum 1, the arrow cluster pierced into the left arm.But HeQi or quickly reacted: "Yes, it is difficult to match under the fame, this first wave we held, that next, guan yu is more impossible!"stormcache|"Then add another layer, anyway, the rattan shield light, the two sides of the rattan shield stack together, also can't add much weight. Zhang fei also don't want to.

stormcache|"Then we …" Wei Yan stared at Pang Tong, puzzled, "why send troops?"Two people stared at each other, in pang tong and zhuge liang urged, each alert each other at the same time, slowly back."General, east city camp commander wu jin to see." Just as Cheng Fang was about to fall asleep, a close guard suddenly came in and gave Cheng Fang his hand.

"General, no, the garrison in the east of the city couldn't get out! It was surrounded by Jiangdong thieves!" West of the city, guan yu assembled military forces will be out of the city, a soldier rushed up loudly."No, I can't! Ziyi, break through!" He qi a knife will be a jingzhou soldiers head split fly, wiped a handful of blood on his face, rushed to tardif, loudly drink a way.Soon, that came the jingzhou soldiers were brought to the account.stormcache|




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