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嬢王2|湘西野鸡苗< / p > < p > zhao yun yiyan a gun shook open ganning fish scale knife, back a few steps, looking at the bloody battle armor but not retreat ganning, the heart can not help but dark praise a sound, is a hero.Chapter 35 the ministry of work"General, here is an urgent letter for ye cheng." Another official came in with a volume of letters and bowed to zhang he.

Xiangyang, CAI fu.However lyu3 bu4 hope that day comes of later better, oneself side, true nothing can replace the person of jia xu."General zhang, have other forces in the city been removed?" Yuan shang worried to see zhang he, froyuan into the emergence, let him have a bad feeling.嬢王2|"Good, general gan will come with me to meet Mr. Huang zu. If we can't kill him, we must find another way to cross the river." < / p > < p > lu lingqi smile, the plan failed, they must meet Yang fu as soon as possible, to discuss countermeasures.

嬢王2|'madman! Clearly a force far more than the other, not bad in skills, should have been a blow out of the fight, who knows was zhang he a pair of deadly dozen not give drove itself, in the battle, with zhang he holds the sea is the first time such a mess humbled, and at that time, roar, but also take this madman populace, the somebody else to come with you in striving, holds the sea even if you take the bold, also don't want to in this time with zhang he striving, at that time, the slain fall into."The yue general is very brave. It is only a matter of marching and fighting. Xun you shook his head and laughed.

Speaking, this would also like to thank the lyu3 bu4 aggressively migratory population of nanyang, nanyang large family family migrating south, to the land of the nanyang, family die, let liu bei in the process of development, much less grip, and therefore, liu bei to changan many policies can be said to be the most eager, if not, will be under a bunch of counsellor to discuss, how to use on this side."What crime is there in not passing three days?" Lu lingqi said with a smile, look at ganning behind a group of water thieves, as the daughter of lu bu, and after the battle, the eye is not bad, just a look, although not really played, but also can see, ganning brought this horse is elite, with a ganning like fierce gas.A month's time, enough to give lyu3 bu4 well prepared, cao cao is the opponent, the absolute confidence to say, it is impossible, unless the cao cao is willing to come out with him one-on-one hit, you can do now is all ready, then there is rest and wait for the final, lyu3 bu4 anyway this time, it is not going to out of the city, the initiative in his hands, if yuan cao alliance will spent with him, he doesn't mind continue consumption, such as zhang liao pacify south confluence with him after a quiet state, anyway, the longer, the lu bu the better.嬢王2|




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