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两个美妇用嘴服侍|泸州黄页This Wolf qiang is also deserved, even lv bu side have been sent out of the news of the huns, Wolf qiang was unprepared to be killed by the huns.Liu bao faint feel some wrong, since the enemy has been prepared in the north and south of the fire, with the current wind, the west naturally do not care, but why the east?"That doesn't make my daughter go off to war, does it? What do others think? The man under my lv bu tent all dead?" Lu bu shook his head.

That night, while taking advantage of the night, not walk the front door, over the wall into the text hired camp, bold cut a hundred heads, just quietly recede, the text hired gas rage, originally do not want to dispute too much with a woman, but this is really fire, all the way after lu lingqi bite not to put."What is it?" Jia xu looked at zhang already way."That famous general of jingxiang was appointed by wen, but now he suffered a big loss in the hands of a girl named huang MAO. He almost lost his life. In the teahouse, groups of scholars were talking and listening carefully, it was not difficult to find that these people were talking about the wenpin of jingzhou general.两个美妇用嘴服侍|"Get up first." Liu bao frowns way: "Wolf qiang?"

两个美妇用嘴服侍|Go straight to mesa?Many shanzhai did not need lu bu to send troops to attack, they have been unable to maintain themselves, since lu bu entered chang 'an, the whole chang 'an, at least ten more villages were either destroyed by the officers, or they can not go on, dissolved.If it were not for lu bu's strict military law, lu lingqi did not dare to offend the words, I am afraid that they dare to go directly to the city to discuss.

"I... "Lu lingqi can not say a word, for a long time just obediently bow way:" ling qi to be taught, thank you for your guidance.In such a barren land, han sui sent hundreds of thousands of troops from front to back, which was undoubtedly a disaster for xiliang.Wolf qiang general instinct agreed, this kind of chaos, they need a leader, led them to resist, d in this time, with the attitude of salvation is subconsciously as a hope, many generals began yelling hello their military forces to assembly, along with d, constantly calling their command at the same time, in our brothers in arms, just for a moment of time, d behind the army had more than three thousand people, have a plenty of warrior Wolf qiang, there is a Wolf qiang qiang people robbed the horse up and fight together.两个美妇用嘴服侍|




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