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飞狐f7|西域传奇"How? The Qifu tribe has sent out the whole army this time. Even if we go up there, it will only add more than five hundred lives." Lyu3 bu4 coldly looked at the vast army of begging fu tribe with destroyed the momentum of the day to the huns tribe, fragile village wall simply can't withstand the charge of this scale, but dug a pit outside the horse, can let these begging fu tribe people eat a big loss.He Yi startled stare big eyes, looked at zhang he, followed by eyes flashed a fierce color, spell the last strength to throw out the hands of the copper stick, the body straight roar to the ground."That 's a question of knowledge, isn' t it?" Lyu3 bu4 sneer at a way, in the hands of the action is not stopped.

Giffin paused, looked at lyu3 bu4 way: "just this method is quite dangerous, if the military forces were accidentally broken by zhang he, and zhang liao, seibel two generals failed to open bing door in time, then master the military forces, will become a lonely army.""King, watch out!" A xianbei warrior in lyu3 bu4 archery, at the same time, fly up, block behind ke sin, the arrows of vigorous disease shot straight in his chest, through the hall, huge inertia, with his body swept toward ke sin."Don't disturb the people!" Lyu3 bu4 shook his head, flatly way.飞狐f7|Sure enough, the sound of gongs and drums soon died away.

飞狐f7|"Zhang he, die!" A furious roar of anger, zhang he only feel eyebrows a pain, hurriedly sideways to avoid, only feel a violent strong wind from the ear side row, with the strong wind blowing his face pain, looked at, but see himself not far away, a cluster of arrows was born from the middle into two pieces, unable to fall to the ground.That's true, but what is it? Tube hai don't know, also don't want to know that, he only know, this time for himself, is an opportunity, as long as the success, can bring back hundreds of thousands of people for the master, his wife and children, he tube hai this life, also not in vain.As for why kui head to kill his own brother, this kind of thing, in the prairie is too common, in order to khan, brother mutilation is very common, the huns tribe patriarch call hutch springs is not also killed at that time or ZuoXianWang brother in fu Luo, successfully ascended to the throne of the huns khan?

"Monseigneur, look, it's wolf smoke!" Just then, a close guard exclaimed at the distance: "It's the Black Wolf tribe.""Reinforcements! How come reinforcements haven't come yet!" A few xiongnu head tie with the last of the troops held the camp, looking at more and more begging voltages gathered around here, sent out a voice of despair and despair."Here!" Male broad sea eyes a bright, excited licked his lips, this is to launch a war rhythm ah!飞狐f7|





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