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厦门大学 谢灵云中客酒Liu2 bei4 frowning, thought a way: "all right, cloud long ten million careful, if the matter can't be, don't want importunate.""Lu bu is hungry Wolf is true, but cao cao and liu bei are not good, if the defeat is good, they need this alliance to fight together against lu bu, but if the victory, I am afraid I jiangdong children even return to jiangdong no chance. Zhou yu looked at lu xun road.Perhaps zhangsong things that other people loyal to milan some chilling, anyway, now some lonely, milan to zhangsong, please come back again, no less than the face, but don't please, now the time every day, there is no reason for milan, zhang ren is good, but rarely a military commanders at the king's voice in the class, and zhang ren, these days are also prepared to hanzhong.

Zhuge liang was also quite helpless, sometimes he preferred to talk to smart people, that would save a lot of things, looking at zhang fei, shook his head and said with a smile: "yi DE need not ask more, liang assure you, these days there will be a war!""Military secrets? Lv bu shook his head and said, "this is not urgent. Let him tell zhou yu where liu bei stored his grain. It is time for the farce of the alliance to end.""Is he guan yu?" Pound lift Trinidad mirror, is to see the flag, a red face a green nylon cap, and a war shoulder green shirt, wears the chain mail, awe-inspiring in the surface such as the weight of jujube military commanders ShuaiQi, eyes a bright, immediately laughs at a way: "don't want that guan yu was so timid, and since he didn't dare to move forward, the men, forward!"厦门大学 谢灵With a muffled sound, strong foot soldiers use up the power of the body, the bowstring, buckle on machine enclosed, another foot soldiers will be a five feet JianCu quickly build upon the bowstring, this new although unlike ares crossbow crossbows machine to be time consuming, but it is very time-consuming, general even a layer upon layer selected lux, most can only seven times.

厦门大学 谢灵"No." Zhang fei shook his head in dismay."The bow strikes back! Target, enemy back!"The words sound just fell and a bitter war with the breath of shut down suddenly, sun jing by a rigid body, not just him, all the people around you can feel, but in the heart of the murderous look waltman natural needless to say, was suddenly become white, huang zhong had his horse over there, in the hands of the sword has completed a circular arc, beheaded to near, waltman as for general, line of sight of the blade is not fast, but his brain is blank at this instant, even simple avoidance or block all can't do that, can only helplessly looking at the blade is getting closer and closer to himself.

"Fire!" As standardbearer fast to semaphore will orders, responsible for the conductor broken crossbows array PianJiang commanded, three thousand pieces of broken army was up again, across six hundred steps distance, jun shield car is over there, but bed crossbow has just arrived, three thousand JianCu down, quite a few officers and soldiers carry ballista was shot through the body directly, dozens ballista paralysis.Liu2 bei4 frowning, thought a way: "all right, cloud long ten million careful, if the matter can't be, don't want importunate.""He doesn't deserve it." Dharma was leaning back, his mouth curled.厦门大学 谢灵




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