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立川明日香种子|天然蜜蜡专卖实体店"It's been almost two months." He Man nodded, lyu3 bu4 deep into the grasslands, tube hai has been sent to Montenegro, recruit drop zhang yan, if zhang yan before not allow it, but now lyu3 bu4 soldiers frontier, bing has been put into lyu3 bu4, to now zhang yan also should make some response, no news, let lyu3 bu4 feel a little bad.Cao cao is worried about the rations at the moment, if he can't get out of the hay, he can only freeze the poisonous scheme, but don't know how good, at the beginning in RuNa, don't eat, just look at the men eat those things, he was nauseous want to vomit, even so sick for a period of time, is really a test of the bottom line.Said, fierce eyes staring at patronage, will be in the heart of ghosts patronage to see the gallbladder hair.

"Oh?" Lyu3 bu4 smell speech, smiled, and there is no too unexpected look, compared to the central plains of intrigue, many things on the grassland are much simpler, the grassland of the famous general, each is a knife a shot out of the reputation."Ow ~" looked at Liang Xing's body, Ma Tie raised his wolf-tooth gun in his hand, looked up at the sky long roar, around this already lost heart of the defenders, saw Liang Xing died, one by one already no heart of war, have dropped their weapons, want to surrender."Xie master don't kill the grace!" Falling in grant sigh, nodded to match, is thanks to his plea for help, but in the heart is difficult to calm, lombardi has now in the aura of northern hegemony, excessive expansion, no children, complacency in the long run, is so big inheritance, also difficult to preserve, be careful to stick to, but lombardi has not listened to bad advice at the moment.立川明日香种子|Hetao movement, nature escaped but already always pay attention to hetao movement zhang he, at noon, there have been scouts to quote, lyu3 bu4 pioneer army is fast arrived.

立川明日香种子|Chapter 51 Grassland decisive battle (I)"Here!""Temujin!" Qui-tou snapped, "Are you underestimating me?"

"Thank you Khan for your concern." Lyu3 bu4 try to let their performance bitter and astringent, sink a track: "The dead people, can get khan to accept, is fortunate, let alone khan has been to me these remnants of the soldiers quite thick, dare not complain.""Come on, kill it. One of you will flee, all of you in one group. One of you will flee, all of you in the camp. One battalion will flee, and you will not come back!" At the gate, far away from an arrow, Ma Dai, Ma Tie, Pound, Liao Hua rode his horse"Meng Jin direction, also want to send someone to rigorously investigate, at present our forces are not enough to divide the guard, urged Chen Xing as soon as possible to deploy. Wei took a team, directly out of the city, toward the direction of tiger fastened shut quickly.立川明日香种子|




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