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背影家园日志|多立克软胶囊"They are all family, and a good nephew needs no ceremony." Liu bei quickly reached out his hand to help liu xun. Although zhuge liang had planned the middle of shu, now was not the time to turn his back on the plan of zhuge liang."Go on." Lyu3 bu4 stand up, clap clap the dust of body, some smile, son say of good, big wave of strong wind all come over, a green and green zhuge ge village man, however by later generations deify, how can be frightened by a name? His present, not worse than the history of cao cao, or even stronger, a zhuge liang, but also put down their own.

To say that this is not engaged in the small officer, liu zhang side of the senior book, can directly express their views to liu zhang, but from beginning to end, liu zhang for zhang song's many Suggestions are ignored, virtual, this is the most let zhang song uncomfortable."That also asks Lord to help ~" jia xu smiles to put ten zhang books on lv bu table case."It's not hard, just do something about it." Lu bu nodded and looked around at pound.背影家园日志|"Let us suppose that if you were zhuge liang and had known my plan well in advance, what would you do to lead me to the bait?" Zhou yu took a deep breath. Lv meng's sudden thoughts confused him.

背影家园日志|"Zhuge kongming? Zhou yu narrowed his eyes slightly. Although it was the first time we met, he was sure that the person in front of him was zhuge liang.At the command of zhou yu, the boats were pushed into the water camp. Five hundred of lv meng's best men went to bed early."If not, how can we fight?" Xia houyuan wry smile way: "Sir See in this big camp, how many good?"

"It seems that cao jun has improved his crossbows in recent years!" Gao shun sneer a way, before lu bu's three crossbow also can shoot two hundred steps, can crush cao jun, now the other side's crossbow obviously has not reached the farthest range, if it is still the former crossbow met, afraid of being cao jun crush, especially the other side use three stages of shooting, a good even the advantage of the crossbow to the whole.'not for me! Wang tired raised his head and looked at liu zhang. He said, "the Lord knows that this list includes almost all the people of large and small families in the middle of shu, including the soldiers in the army. Now the soldiers are in front of the Lord and the Lord is persecuting his family.Taking out a measuring stick, he began to adjust the support to adjust the Angle of the crossbow to the ground.背影家园日志|




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