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孙宝宝 孙娇娇|密云企业< / p > < p > while speaking, in the hand of the flag is repeatedly waved, three thousand elite quickly shot into three rows, in the place is not a broad basin area began to the other side of the right to roll, a crossbow has long been a good arrow box separated by three hundred steps began to shoot, but see the opposite array quickly take out a teng shield."So what if it is?" "Liu d 'renrend!" he groaned. He was now preoccupied with seeking revenge, but he did not really want to vote for lu bu, so his attitude was particularlyOf course, the words did not say all, ma su is very valued by zhuge liang, weekdays, every major event and the general to discuss, will bring him in the side, ma su naturally know, zhuge liang's plan, shu occupies how important position, even more important than jingzhou.

Wei yan rolled his eyes, can see this thing so slip, you are not much worse than him."I can tell an outsider, that jiang dongjie, must know this, if they can see that I will come here today, is a good chance to get rid of me." Chen seems to have a lot to say today.Chen to QinBing in separate, took the last blood yong, desperate to rivals, combat although the scale is not big, but it is unusually grisly, entered the white-hot in the beginning, but jiangdong soldiers too much, al hadd warships surrounded, close, a growing number of jiangdong soldiers flooded in, hundreds of jingzhou soldiers soon crowds of annihilation, less than a quarter of an hour, jingzhou army battle ship, only is one person alone in a bid to Chen.孙宝宝 孙娇娇|Fred, who had closed his eyes for death, could not help but shudder and nodded his head subconsciously.

孙宝宝 孙娇娇|"Yes." With a sneer, liu looked at pang tong: "don't get close to the general"Well, my father is not feeling well recently, and I want to go back to my mother's home tomorrow." After all, my husband has been in the army for a long time, rarely back, but he is not able to accompany around, some heart< / p > < p > the ship on the river bank, taishi ci and other jiangdong soldiers laughed slowly back yan 'an, against the river, ready to land from jiangling, in trying to recapture jiangxia, if land and siege battle, Chen to confident jiangdong soldiers can be over abuse.

Pang tong frowned slightly, but did not care, only a slight look at liu d * * * d"Well!" Two soldiers yiyan two captured scouts released.孙宝宝 孙娇娇|





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